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Orgel spelen in de kathedraal
De kathedraal in Roermond is open voor publiek. Als je binnenkomt loop je door een prachtige museumwinkel. Onze vriend Han Schetselaar beheert de winkel en gaat ook exposities organiseren in de kerk. Afgelopen zondag heeft Karel daar orgel gespeeld, met als afsluiting op verzoek van Han 'A whiter shade of pale' van Procol Harum. De bezoekers waren aangenaam verrast! 


seppie op 19-01-2012 21:08
Toevallig kwam ik er net achter dat dit nummer op 1 stond toen ik werd geboren! Hoe was de winkel?
seppie op 19-01-2012 21:25
Eric Schetselaar op 12-07-2016 13:31


I am Eric Schetselaar from Utah USA and am trying to find Han Schetselaar who I found in a picture playing a cathedral organ in Roermond. I am in the Netherlands just until Thursday morning and want to invite him to our concert in Rotterdam tomorrow.

I sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square and we are touring Europe for three weeks and performing a concert in Rotterdam tomorrow, Wednesday. We are 300 voices and an 80-piece orchestra. We have a wide variety of music that I am sure you will enjoy.

Most of all, I'd like to meet him either before or after our performance just to meet some relatives in Holland. I have been here before and was only able to meet one family in 1989 and they were charming. They picked my brother and me up from the train station and took us to their home for a while. It was wonderful.

I would like to meet more of my relatives from our Schetselaar family tree who live in Holland. Please email me at to let me know if you can come to our concert and meet for a short moment. Our website that you can see about our group is Here is information about the concert:

Please let me know if there are other members of the Schetselaar family that I could meet in my short stay here. I am staying at the Renaissance Hotel in Amsterdam.

Another name I found was Daisy or Margriet Schetselaar. I would also like to invite and meet her family. Please help me find and invite as many Schetselaars as I can. I would appreciate it very very much.

I am looking forward to meeting them all.

Thank you so much!


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